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Doctor Christophe TARDY is a graduate of the only “Médecine Morphologique Anti Age” (anti-aging morphological medicine) certification program recognized by the French board of physicians.

He also holds the European laser diploma and of Mesotherapy.

He practices both in Aix-les-Bains and Lausanne, complying with the most up to date standards of hygiene as well as accessibility for the handicapped. Anti-aging morphological medicine is not at odds with plastic surgery.

It may be complementary insofar as it can enhance and perfect its results, but, often, it can delay the execution of more consequential surgical interventions.

Doctor Christophe TARDY proposes :

  • Surface and intermediate skin peeling treatments of the face, the décolleté, white stretch marks, and of the hands as well as deep peelings of the eye and mouth contours.
  • Medical rhinoplasty
  • Injections of fillers for wrinkles with resorbable products (hyaluronic acid) and semi permanent ones (calcium hydraoxapatite) Botulinum toxin (Azzalure, Vistabel) injections on the face, neck, and the décolleté as well as to treat excessive perspiration.
  • The treatment of brown spots by peeling
  • Acne treatment (peeling)
  • Rejuvenation of the hands (filler injections + peeling)
  • Revitalization of the skin through the “meso-lift” and skin boosting techniques
  • Tightening of the skin through Carboxytherapy
  • The use of Silhouettesoft suspension sutures for re-tightening effect for an immediate and discreet result on the contours of the face, the jaw line, the cheeks and mid face area, the eyebrows and neck, as well as the creases around the mouth and nose, using polydioxanone intradermic threads that resorb themselves.
  • A preliminary consultation will allow him to hear your concerns as well as answer your questions in order to suggest a course of treatment and give a detailed estimate.



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